Weekly Twitter Round Up| Click and Muse

Twitter has become my minor obsession the past several months. So much terrific information and great context to help expand many of the news events and sound bites we encounter during the week. Instead of re-tweeting it all, I will continue sharing the favourites I gather over the week each Sunday. For added convenience, you can click on the Twitter icon profile next to each tweet to check out the feed for each entry.

As for the first "Click and Muse" poll conducted over the past several weeks, the results to the question of whether Murakami's artworks are "high art" or "commodity fetish" are in:  26% say high art and 74% say fetish. I will start introducing the poll weekly and announce the results each Sunday. Check out the new poll (now moved up higher on the blog's home page) concerning the recent admissions of actor Joaquin Phoenix. Simply click on the image, consider and muse over the question posed, and vote!

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