Focus on Tech| Google Chrome: Fast, Stable, Flexible (Did I say it was FAST?)

Frederico Fieni, The Story of Google Chrome (2008)
I love Google Chrome. As web browsers go, it is by far the fastest, most effective, and most flexible of all the ones I have tried (even Firefox), and it boasts the best possible feature of being virtually impossible to crash (I am looking at you Internet Explorer 8 and Safari 5). I switched to Chrome only a few weeks ago after finally being convinced to download it to view the The Wilderness Downtown Project. Clearly, Google understood what they were doing putting together that collaboration because I ended up playing around with the browser after thinking the download to watch the video/film was only going to be temporary. It was like my computer was given a turbo charger and my web browsing speed (even with dozens of open tabs) easily doubled-- oh, and it is very pretty to look at, great minimal design, and the addition of artist designed themes to choose from if you wish (I selected the abstract Casey Reas-- see his fascinating bio).

I have since spent some time researching and playing around with options on the browser and have discovered several great features (including the fantastic integration of Google search right in the web address bar). Many of these are usefully summarized not only in the YouTube video I have added below (which also discusses how the Chrome browser inspired the upcoming Chrome open source operating system for computers) and this one here, but also summed up in a series of "how-to" posts found here and here on one of my favourite tech blogs, ProfHacker.

To download Google Chrome (it is free!), view demonstrations, and browse nifty theme packages, visit the download page.