Weekly Twitter Round Up| Click and Muse (Banksy Tags The Simpsons!)

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the last of your long weekend with a few great tweets from the past week. Thanks as well to those who participated in the "Click and Muse" poll. 76% of you thought art critics should only write about artists/curators that they are not professionally involved with (wow, if that were actually the case, I am not sure who would be working!). Check out this week's poll dovetailing with Jenna's terrific guest blog about graffiti art and the public sphere. Coincidentally, the graffiti and underground artist Banksy mentioned by Jenna was featured last night on The Simpsons when he "tagged" the opening sequence of the show. I have tried to find a stable YouTube link, but 20th Century Fox keeps deleting them for copyright reasons. I hope the embedded link I added stays up for a while so you can check out this unique bit of pop culture history in the making!

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Banksy storyboards the darkest Simpsons opening credits sequence ever