Quick Compare| Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovic on "Limits"

 Love or hate her, Lady Gaga continues to pop up in conversations about performance art. And I must admit that I find a recent interview with her concerning performance artist Marina Abramovic and the notion of limitless art oddly compelling—the way she stumbles to find the right “art school” words to describe a personal hero is even a bit charming.

This past September I posted about the Lady Gaga meat bikini controversy and its connection to Carolee Schneemann’s Meat Joy (1964), and then a few weeks later I wrote about my visit to Marina Abramovic’s retrospective exhibition The Artist is Present at MoMA, so I was thrilled when a student from my “Issues in Fine and Performing Arts” class posted this video clip on the blog's Facebook page of Gaga responding to a question about performance art from Abramovic herself! See the clip embedded below followed by a video describing Abramovic’s landmark performance Rhythm 0 (1974) mentioned in the interview. Compare and consider!

*caution* some viewers may find the content of the Abramovic video difficult or even disturbing to watch.