Weekly Twitter Round Up

Brrrrrrrrr........it is COLD here in Vancouver after a very early snow fall. Yes, that is the snow that should have arrived here for the 2010 Olympics, but decided to wait until this winter to make its appearance. I have also been a bit under the weather, so the cold seems all that more intense along with all of the looming deadlines, exam preparations and general end-of-term mania setting in. As I told my students the past several days, the next 2-3 weeks will separate the weak from the strong-- it is a time of character building and these will be the moments you probably remember most from your university years. All the hard work to make those deadlines will be worth it in the end I promise. You will also have the holiday season to celebrate and catch up on your sleep. In the meantime, a bit of a break (or moment of quick procrastination) is allowed to check out some picks from around the Twitterverse this past week.

Adbusters - The Production of Meaning (2006, video, 14:34) 

The man who writes your students' papers tells his story

The last taboo: Why women artists are turning tables on art-historical tradition & depicting naked male body

Design: Putting the Chinese in 'Made in China': The graphic artist Liu Zhizhi is in the forefront

Why the working class have disappeared from Hollywood

'SNL' Nails The TSA Pat-Downs: 'It's Our Business To Touch Yours' (VIDEO)

The Louvre is encouraging the French public to "participate in the acquisition of a masterpiece"