Weekly Twitter Round Up

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Well, for a day or two that is, lol. In other words, the winter wonderland that was Vancouver mid-week has now melted back into the much more familiar puddles of West Coast rain. With the final days of November upon us, the holiday season beckons and with it the promise of rest and assignment free days just around the corner. Grab a cup of mulled cider (or other warm beverage) and check out some links I collected from around the Twitterverse from this past week.

How the Internet will change the future of the top-end of the art market

Texting is the new doodling, say fed-up profs

Jeff Wall: "Comments on Claims Pro & Against Painting" at MUMOK

Smarthistory rethinks the online art history textbook

Throwing shredded Freud texts out of a moving car & retyping "On the Road," two artists write conceptually

When I Grow Up I Want to Be... an Art Historian? 

It really is true; you meet some great people when you sleep overnight on the Black Friday line at Wal-Mart!