Weekly Twitter Round Up

Yes, classes are over! But..... now the marking and exams begin. One step at a time....one day at a time. The nasty flu bug finally caught up with me as well and I have been under the weather all week. Even so, I am grateful for the fantastic and creative group of students I have come to know this term-- many of your papers and projects are looking very very good so far and the marking has been less painful than in the past (I cannot tell you what a joy it is to read essays that have been edited and proof-read). Need a reason to procrastinate from studying for a bit? Here are some picks from around the Twitterverse this week: 

A bunch of rare 60s & 70s conceptual art artists' books, downloadable as PDFs.

'Liu Xiaobo must be freed' - Nobel prize committee

Thru a chain of unexplainable circumstances I went to get something from the fridge & instead got lost watching frolicking otters on Youtube

Students: What TV show should you watch instead of studying for finals?

Peter Schjeldahl's 2010 art roundup in The New Yorker 

Hee hee... Modern art = I could do that + Yeah, but you didn't 

Yoko Ono: What I’ve learned about John Lennon, 30 years on (Esquire)