Weekly Twitter Round Up

My first week back to lecture and seminars starts tomorrow and I am looking forward to all that the new academic term will bring. The past week has been a terrific time to catch up on correspondence, prep readings, notes and making some much needed visits to local galleries and museums I had neglected over the craziness of December. I even managed to pick up an official Tate Modern Muybridge 2011 Calendar at the Vancouver Art Gallery for 50% off (locals make sure to check out their wonderful stock!). Here are some of my favourite tweets from the past week (as always, click the image to the left of the tweet for the full link), along with a bonus and hilarious YouTube clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show last week featuring singer Josh Groban performing Kanye West's tweets. Special thanks to Kyra for sharing the original link on Facebook!

Wore an Ed Hardy shirt last night as ironic wardrobe; irony lost on most people. I am not a d-bag doing G in a W Hotel lobby!

We are obsessed, obviously, with this free printable Andy Warhol paper toy designed by Matt Hawkins. It's very us

Your moment of zen

Women artists are outperforming their male counterparts. They've been undervalued for so long this isn't surprising. 

French Firm to Sell Shares in Works of Art 

Meet the 2011 Sundance Filmmakers | Over 50 Director Interviews Through January 

Diary: Making History. Kyle Bentley on the opening of the Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art