Weekly Twitter Round Up

Sunday night and my list of things to do is not nearly complete! Here are a list of my faves from the weekly Twitterverse-- off to get a few more things done before I watch the Golden Globes (my favourite of the more mainstream award shows). Curious to see how well The Social Network will do.... and what Ricky Gervais will say!

It's Wikipedia's 10th birthday. Explaining the site's chaotic ascendency by looking at Jesus's Wikipedia page.

Golden Globes tinged with Canadian flavour 

The most powerful image of the protests to support WikiLeaks

Are collectors ready to buy million-dollar artworks online? Article from the Wall St Journal

Yum - Marina Abramovic's Baked Alaska (renamed "Volcano Flambé")

Harvard Undergrads Develop Site to Keep Tabs on Your Friends

Notoriously press-shy Cindy Sherman spills guts, tears in @guardian interview