Weekly Twitter Round Up

A quiet and uneventful weekend (thank goodness for that!)-- finally settling in and getting into the groove of the new term with plans coming together for some travel in the spring and summer for research and leisure (the best combo!). On the local front, there are many terrific art offerings here in Vancouver with the PuSh Festival getting into full swing. As for the Twitterverse, I don't know what was in the air this week, but the tweets seemed just a bit zanier than normal and the art news was especially entertaining (as you will see with my favourite tweets of the week). Grab a cup of coffee, click on the links and enjoy.

When Truffaut met Godard

Kafka's favorite exercise was the most popular one of the early 1900s, and works today. Here's how to do it. WATCH

Ottawa gallery to rent out space for porn shoots 

The rising popularity of street art at auction 

Student pays college tuition in $1 bills

Drunken frat party presented as artwork by London artist Ed Fornieles

It's Jeff Koons' birthday? Don't send him a floral puppy or a balloon flower as a gift. He might sue you.