Weekly Twitter Round Up

Being an observer of the Twitterverse this week, I do not think anyone can overstate the unprecedented role that online social networking played in the revolutionary events unfolding in Egypt. In the coming days, I will dedicate a special post to reflect on some of the commentary about Twitter and Facebook's impact on the uprisings, but for now I can direct you to a wonderful link that was tweeted to me of influential and key Egyptian bloggers to follow on Twitter. Bottom line, if you didn't take Twitter that seriously before, you might reconsider your position and test the waters with an account. There is a fascinating world of information to discover. As cyberpunk novelist William Gibson has famously declared, "Facebook feels like a mall. Twitter feels like the street." I tend to agree with this assessment. In the meantime, there were still many wonderful  arts and culture related tweets to save in my favourites-- here are my picks for the week:

100s of UC Press books avail as public html. Includes Barthes, film studies & more. Some great stuff here

Mad Men says little of substance about the world it depicts. What explains its appeal? Daniel Mendelsohn has a theory

A brief history of hip hop, as told through a cappella beatbox

Happy Chinese New Year twitter muster! Hans Hoffmann's Hare

Museums on "high alert" for trafficking of stolen works in Egypt & Alice Walton deems @FolkArtMuseum too weird to save

Well, that's it. The internet has run out of free space

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange inspires street artists