Weekly Twitter Round Up

One of many images of Egyptian protest signs citing Twitter
that went viral this past week (original source unknown)
I literally just walked in the door from an unexpected and surprise early Valentine getaway and was able to catch the amazing 60 Minutes interview with Wael Ghonim, the young Google executive and Egyptian protester who helped spark the Egyptian revolution we all witnessed last week with the aid of social networking. I wanted to wait and see what he had to say himself about the importance of Twitter and Facebook to the actions of the past week before commenting in a lengthier blog post (there is some debate as to its full weight and significance), but I am now convinced after hearing him speak so specifically about the unfolding events that social networking played a much more important role than many of us even truly realized. (to see the full interview, click here). I plan to gather my thoughts and write a lengthier reflection later this week.

Ironically enough, CNN's Anderson Cooper was not the one conducting the interview on 60 Minutes, even as Ghonim has praised him all week for keeping the Egyptian events in the news the past several weeks, but he did conduct an equally fascinating and candid interview with Lady Gaga ahead of the Grammy's on the same show! She is the number one followed individual on Twitter, so I thought it only worthy of mention here on the weekly round up (to see the full interview, click here). Off to watch some of the Grammy's now and catch up on my email!

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