Weekly Twitter Round Up

Ah mid-term...... it is slowly creeping upon us, and for many students exams are just around the corner. Even so, the hint of spring and the promise of longer days beckon. Two beautiful afternoons outside in the sunshine did a world of good-- Vancouverites seemed to fill up all the patios as if on cue and the first of the cyclists and rollerbladers were out on the seawall. For those of you starting your research essays for end of term assignments, make sure to refer to the list of resources on this blog to help you out with your plan of attack. Time will fly from this point forward, but for now you can take pause and check out a few of my weekly favourites from around the Twitterverse. 

Protest disrupts Sotheby’s auction as activists unfurled banner reading “Orgy of the Rich’’ 

Caravaggio's police record is more shocking than any modern bad boy rock star's. 

The push to make English the official language of academe in Europe causes problems for both students + professors

An anonymous Tehrani talks about the marches

Lady Gaga gaga about Winnipeg girl

Al Pacino to play Henri Matisse

Hi everybody, here I am on Twitter! This is my FIRST tweet...