Weekly Twitter Round Up

March is traditionally the craziest month in my academic schedule, and this year proves no different. It seems that every weekend is filled with a new opening, student event, or must-see exhibition. Even so, it is wonderful to see the vitality of springtime take hold and the hard work of students take shape. I have been so impressed with the range of creativity coming out my classes and seminars—this truly is my favourite time of the term. Secretly however,  I am already looking forward to the summertime—final bookings for our trip to Europe had much of my past few weekends preoccupied—and it has certainly paid to get all of arrangements scheduled early. 

In terms of the Twitterverse, this past week proved that Twitter is as prone to the whims of celebrity as it is to the aims of protesters. Charlie Sheen somehow managed to attract just under two million followers after joining Twitter early in the week—this has to be some kind of a record and I am sure will keep the cultural studies people talking. And while his tweets are somewhat entertaining (in a sad and train-wreck kind of way), here are some of my (Sheen-free) favourites from the past week:

Van Gogh paintings as pie charts

"Sound Sculpture" A collection of essays by artists surveying the directions of sound sculpture. (1975)

Has Banksy Finally Been Photographed? - Moviefone UK

The architect's life: Frank Lloyd Wright's 10-point manifesto for his apprentices ("Fertility of Imagination")

Internet Sleuths Prove Qaddafi's Son Plagiarized His PhD Thesis

The recurring "exam nightmare.

The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity...is this what your typical day looks like?