Weekly Twitter Round Up

A week chock full of events-- film screenings, artist talks, student crits, student meetings, exhibition openings, end of year evaluations etc.. etc.. I have also been enjoying all of the amazing plans that students have been sharing with me about summer travel and employment. So much energy in the air! After all of the activity, I was finally able to enjoy some R&R this weekend, breathing in the calm of a walk along the ocean and then home to an afternoon of personal projects. I am glimpsing the end of term and the freedom it will soon bring! 

I know many of you are still in the thick of writing-- so take pause, grab a coffee, and enjoy a few of my favourite tweets from around the Twitterverse:

Lady Gaga Googles Herself

Loving Liz 18 ways: Elizabeth Taylor in artnet auctions

Wrote about democracy & contemporary art in the Middle East

Why the Google Books setback is an opportunity to reassert academic values

OMG! in new Oxford English Dictionary

Almost certainly the most fascinating book I'll read this year, will especially make art lovers consider new contexts

I've donated IMAGINE by John Lennon to #SongsForJapan iTunes album Download NOW Proceeds → JapaneseRedCross