Weekly Twitter Round Up

April is here... finally! Days and nights are still filled with end of year events, but there is a palpable feeling of completion and lots of well earned praise for the amazing work achieved by the many students I am fortunate to work with. I also really enjoyed the many good April Fool's Day gags surfacing on Twitter this week. My favourite has to be a tweet link I innocently opened to a new Google application-- Gmail Motion-- that *almost* convinced me until the demo guy appeared on the screen (hilarious!).

I am also off to New York City mid-week and have a jam packed itinerary planned (both work and pleasure). In addition to the requisite museum and gallery going (and yes, the new Warhol Monument at Union Sqaure-- see Jerry Saltz's tweet below), I have also spent a good part of this afternoon scouring discussion boards on Chowhound, Yelp, and New York Magazine locating the city's best eats. Last year, we were delighted to discover some of NYC's best cannoli's, donuts, coal oven pizza, and hamburgers. This year is all about the food vendors, and we are eager to check out this list. There is no better place to eat since you invariably burn the extra calories walking! 

I will also be looking to blog while away, so stay tuned for my out-of-town posts later in the week and over next weekend. For now, enjoy some of my favourite tweets from the past week:

A $4.1 million FAKE?

"I was locked in a gym locker for 5 consecutive days." A 27-minute Chris Burden documentary

“Give us your rich, your glamorous, your drag queens, & drug addicts.” 
Jerry Saltz on The Andy Monument.

China has embarked on the most intense crackdown on free expression in years

James Franco's Twitter Shut Down by The Man 

No, I didn't do this. It's and April Fools joke! 

Study finds 85% are annoyed by their Facebook friends