Gaga for Google: "The web is what you make of it"

Screen capture from Lady Gaga's Google Chrome commercial/film project
This past weekend while Lady Gaga was making her much anticipated guest appearance on Saturday Night Live, the Twitterverse was abuzz with news of a special message that Gaga would deliver to her fans during one of the commercial breaks in the program. For those who may have missed it, the special message came in the form of a creatively edited video (see full video below) that features dozens of Gaga's fans singing to her newly released single "Edge of Glory" from her new album "Born This Way."

A clever commerical for Google Chrome, the video was created in an impressive 10-day period prior to the video's airing. According to Google, it began with the Lady Gaga shoot that opens the video (May 10th), followed by Gaga's tweets and messages to her fans to begin uploading YouTube videos of themselves singing and dancing to "Edge of Glory" in the days following the single's release. Editing and selection of video for the final version of the commercial was completed by May 18th to ensure its final debut on SNL.

"The web is what you make of it" reads the closing words of the video echoing Google Chrome's slogan, and it seems that the world of community film projects has been redefined once again through Gaga's experiments in digital mediation. The fact that this video forms part of the battlefield of the digital art wars-- score one for Google-- also makes it all the more compelling.