Weekly Twitter Round Up

Where did this week go? Those were my thoughts today as I looked back to the single blog post I made this week, albeit a timely one with the opening of the Venice Biennale. But even the Twitterverse seems to be more in summer mode these days. I have been immersed in personal projects and attempting to do all those organizational things that fall to the back burner during the regular academic term. I have also been working on some research for conference papers-- two separate events set for the fall and a talk at the CAA in February 2012 (100th Anniversary!). Plans and meetings have also been proceeding nicely with the study abroad trip planned for next summer through Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Paris and Kassel, Germany for Documenta. I hope to have some more news and final details sorted for interested students by the end of August. Stay tuned. Oh yes, and the Canucks haven’t done so badly either—I think the Stanley Cup will be visiting Vancouver soon! Here are some of my favourite tweets from the past week:

A comprehensive guide to the 2011 Venice Biennale national pavilions

Academics begin to work with Wikipedia

Art & Language sing theory, backed up by The Red Crayola "Nine Gross and Conspicuous Errors" (1976)

Perhaps the most beautiful water dispenser in the world?

WSJ investigates the modern relationship between artists and their assistants.

The Cosby Sweater Project: Another hilarious blog concept! 

Keeping up With Tradition

And a bonus one......

What would you do to see the #Canucks in the Final? Dress up as Lady Gaga for a day of work?