Weekly Twitter Round Up

In a week when sporting news and the NHL and NBA finals have taken center stage in North America (Dallas just won their final against Miami!), I find it compelling how many of the arts-minded people I follow on Twitter have been tweeting about their excitement and interest in the games. People are often surprised when they hear that I love hockey and soccer, but I quickly explain that I have a similar appreciation and respect for the hard work, mental effort and passion that goes into the making of a great athlete as I do for those who choose art making as their career. There are many parallels to be found in this regard and I am always heartened by how many respected art historians and academics I meet enjoy the world of sports (even if mostly in secret, lol). Now if only we could figure out how to fund our artists as well as our athletesโ€ฆ.sigh. 

Here are some of my favourites from the past week:

The Venice Biennale: Art as a Political Game

Looks like "Inside Job," Oscar-Winning Documentary on 2008 financial meltdown, is back online

The Secret History of #Art: Found a Lost Renoir? One of My Readers Thinks So

Brilliant: If Facebook And Twitter Were Real Life

James Franco to release EP with avant-garde musician

I think James Franco has finally killed post modernism

New book on history of boredom

and just one more for the localsโ€ฆ

History stands tall. History Will Be Made #bringithome