Weekly Twitter Round Up

What a dramatic week for my fair city…..a roller coaster of feelings since this past Wednesday…. of sadness, of frustration, of outrage, but also of  civic pride in the way everyday Vancouverites are seeking to come together and leave a different impression, visual and otherwise, of the way Vancouver will be seen and understood in the weeks to come. What was most heartening is that social media was able to play such a significant role in helping to expose and identify those responsible for a night of idiocy and violence against the city. There are many lessons to be taken from the events that unfolded this past week, not least of which concern unpacking and making sense of the intense focus on circulating images and representations of what took place. My hope is that people will continue to observe it all with a critical eye and with an open mind to the dialogue that is sure to follow concerning it all. Peace Vancouver. Here are some of my favourite tweets from the past week:

Marina Abramovic To Open Community Art Space

Basel - Nearly 300 galleries from 5 continents at this year's #ArtBasel. Preview the art on show

Fascinating. "The Most Famous Canadian Photographer You've Never Heard Of"

Help Fund James Franco’s Museum of Non-Visible Art

There's really no need for academics to look frumpy. So why do they try so hard?

Dare to Edit! – The Politics of Wikipedia 

Pictures of the Cleanup Effort. @myvancouver #thisismyvancouver