Weekly Twitter Round-Up

Happy new semester and welcome back to my humble weekly Twitter round-up. Fresh from summer vacation and having navigated the always jam-packed first week of classes, I have also resumed more regular activity on Twitter after over a month of self-imposed limited access. My ambitious plans to blog while in Europe were partially thwarted by irregular access to the Internet, but in the end, it turned out to be a welcome relief to recharge and draw back from both the blogosphere and the Twitterverse. Everyone needs a tech break, right? Back and refreshed, I look forward to continuing my musings on this first anniversary of my original blog start-up date.

 Today of course is the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Twitterverse has naturally been fully abuzz with links, personal reflection, and feeds from the many commemoration and ceremonies taking place today around the world. It is interesting to think how differently the events would have been experienced and remembered with the advent of social media, and at times it is hard to believe that it was ten whole years since the incident took place. Like many of you, I spent some time remembering the events of that day in my own life. I was entering the final year of my Masters degree program at UBC and was excited to attend a much anticipated graduate seminar in the history and theory of photography with Dr. John O’Brian. I had woken up early the morning of September 11th to go out for a walk on Kitsilano beach, and I was first made aware of the attacks when I began listening to the morning radio on my portable player. Once I realized what was happening, I ran back home just in time to turn on the TV and see the second plane hit the WTC. Later that day, several of us students gathered for our seminar with John and talked about the events. As the semester unfolded, I processed my thoughts in a seminar paper I wrote concerning the thousands of photographic images that circulated after the event. That paper turned into my first journal publication with Postmodern Culture Journal and still brings me back to that time ten years ago whenever I read it. 

Now as we begin another term, I have included a few tweets that deal with 9/11, along with a few other of my favourites from around the Twitterverse. Here’s to new beginnings and a successful academic term.

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