Weekly Twitter Round-Up

Fall is definitely in the air, and the flexibility and long days of summer freedom are certainly fading fast. I spent much of my weekend working on projects, proposals, and conference papers for this academic term, along with all of the other mundane organizational tasks that so many of you are also dealing with as the new year takes shape. In many ways, the cooler weather helps ease this transition and I have already been enjoying getting into a routine and also having a chance to meet and get to know many of the new students enrolled in my lectures and seminars. The Twitterverse has also been brisk with activity, and I am glad to see so many new arts and visual culture based and academic players starting to show up and take advantage of what this dynamic social networking platform has to offer. Got to run-- Sunday pot roast is almost done in the oven!-- but grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a few of my favourite tweets from this past week:

Uncreative Writing, Unoriginal Genius, and the New Literary Plagiarism

The Guggenheim Connection: Fame, Riches and a Masquerade: As painted by the authorities

Views: #Highered isn't dying, but radical change is on the way

Untangling the web: how the internet will grow through rites of passage  

Damien Hirst diamond skull is perfect emblem for "Make Wall Street Pay" activism campaign

Florida art dealer accused of faking Monets, Pollocks, Rothkos

The future influences the present just as much as the past.#Nietzsche