Weekly YouTube Round Up

When I chat with students about my blog, one of the features they seem to enjoy the most is my weekly Twitter round up, sharing a cross-section of my favourite art-related tweets and user profiles from the previous week. I have decided to start a similar weekly round up for my favourite YouTube videos that I come across via channel subscriptions from my blog's YouTube page. I hope you enjoy the variety, humour, and thought-provoking content of these and other videos I look forward to sharing. If you like what you see, you can always follow the link from the YouTube channel listed above each selection and begin subscribing to their content. Happy viewing!

Hennesy Youngman: Art Thoughtz (To Catch A Millennial)

Stanford University: Steve Jobs Offers Last Words, 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Ted Talks Director: Graham Hill, Less Stuff More Happiness

Jameskalmroughcut: Occupy Wall Street "This Is What Democracy Looks "Like?"

The New School NYC: Artistry and Agency in a World of Vibrant Matter