Weekly Twitter Round Up

Banksy delivers an inspired art project to Occupy London-- see tweet below.

Just returned from D.C. and sorting through the Monday morning avalanche of email. The trip was fantastic and well worth the ridiculous flight schedule I was assigned (two transfers both ways, one of which was delayed and landed me in Phoenix Arizona of all places for an extra night!). While I catch up, I wanted to pass along some of my favourite tweets of the week. I also wanted to wish a Happy American Thanksgiving to my friends south of the border—I am indeed jealous for the extra days off this late in the semester!

Who knew the last 5 min. of a writing session were so important? Check out this article that explains why

Why they Buy - and Why They Will Buy From You 

Adbusters editorial in Washington Post on the future of #OCCUPYWALLSTREET:  #OWS #OCCUPY

Art to download is little more than dead-eyed commercialism 

A grab bag of great avant-garde 20th century discs for you to snag thru the back door [MP3]

20 Artworks Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Idea! Book deal. Wine. Toast. Type. Wine. Drunk dial @AlecBaldwinNap. Pulitzer dream. Reread. Stare. Delete all. Refund advance. Tweet.