Weekly Twitter Round Up

A Duchamp inspired interactive "game"-- see tweet below for more details.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my friends and colleagues south of the border! I am actually enjoying (shock) a football game right now--the Canadian Grey Cup featuring our own B.C. Lions-- a rare moment that I partake in this most American pastime. Enjoy some of my assembled favourites to enjoy during half-time, or while taking a break from those papers. Go Lions Go!

Students cry foul at UC-Davis

A scary new study confirms the motivations behind North Americans' willful ignorance

A dozen Surrealist films by Joseph Cornell, made between 1930 and 1960: 

An unflinching look at Steve Jobs, king of the geeks. Tonight on #passeye

Damian Moppett’s one-man history of art

Today's #TED: Natalie Warne on how youth can make an extraordinary impact: #TEDx

Now that's post-Duchamp!