Weekly Twitter Round Up

Cool collection of NYC street posters from the 1980's-- check out first tweet below

The countdown to end of term marking completion begins. Until then, piles of papers, exams, projects, journals sitting on my desk, on my computer, in my email, under my office door-- you get the picture. For those who are done: Congratulations! To those still slogging along: we are almost at the finish line! In the meantime, grab a cup of coffee and check out some of my favourite tweets from the past week.

Crazy DIY Street Posters from New York City

Careers: How to finish your dissertation and maintain your sanity

Anyone who is sanguine about China's attitude toward academic freedom hasn't been paying attention

YOU CAN OWN A $15,000, SIGNED BANKSY! The catch, you must "steal" it without getting caught

Naomi Klein on our addiction to risk -- and its consequences

The Artist: Mostly mute, it speaks volumes about silent film

RIP John Lennon who died today in 1980, taken from the world far too soon