Weekly Twitter Round Up

Artistic appropriation is considered in a great article tweeted by the NYTimes below
image source: NYTimes
Happy New Year! It was wonderful getting away for the holidays to a warm and tropical locale—a highly recommended remedy to weeks of final exams, marking, and final project deadlines. Faced with the new term and a new slate of students, I am truly refreshed and looking forward to what the semester will bring in terms of good conversation and new musings.

The Twitter world also went into something of a hibernated state over the holidays and has reawakened with a great deal of activity. Glancing at my feed over the past week, I was happy to see artist/activist Ai Weiwei returning to his Twitter account, but it seems that the sad developments in Egypt have also taken over much renewed discussion (see my final tweet pick for an engaging article). The requisite best-of 2011 lists are also fun to read, and so a few of my picks will have you thinking back and assessing what you gained and learned. It’s great to be back home and ready to tackle a new year!

GOOD Books: When 2012 was the future 

Today's #TED: Paddy Ashdown on how global power is shifting and how nations are connected in ways never seen before

Scorsese's HUGO is the best movie I've seen in at least a year. Don't miss it. It's wonderful.

Outdated law + rip/mix culture collide: Richard Prince & Fair Use in the NYTimes:

12 Art World Habits to Ditch in 2012... are you offended?

Show & Tell: “Things I Saw This Year”: 

 “To live in Cairo these days is to live in constant disorientation.”@yasminerashidi on the spasms of violence in Egypt