Weekly Twitter Round Up

Creative graffiti art incorporating the Mad Men advertisements for Season 5.
Image Courtesy of: Slate

A very busy week! Besides my regular teaching schedule, I finally submitted a grant application that I had spent weeks working on, lead a lively and fantastic discussion at a Philosopher's Cafe on artist activism, and participated in a Peace Symposium as part of a stirring exhibition of Goya's Disasters of War and Los Caprichos prints on show now at the Reach Art Gallery in Abbotsford (until March 25th). I met so many high-energy and inspirational people along the way-- I will say more in the week ahead-- and I am once again renewed with faith in the positivity generated in collective dialogue about art and social action and its many potentials to unite people around the world.   

The Twitterverse was also very busy this week buzzing with news of Facebook's immiment IPO and all things Superbowl. And yes, I watched the Superbowl. Surprised? Well you really wouldn't be if you understood my love and admiration for Madonna-- a true artist going all the way back to her NYC roots running with Basquiat, Debbie Harry, and other misfits of the late 1970's and early 1980's underground music and alternative art scene. And her performance, centered around a gladiator inspired spectacle (!)  for the masses (!) was both apropos and conceptually brilliant. As the game is now over, I invite you to grab a celebratory beverage and check out some of my favourite tweets from this week:

Hating on the ladies: The sexist social media backlash against Pinterest 

How to Write an Artist's CV in 10 Steps 
If David Cronenberg directed Midnight in Paris it might have been good

Facebook’s IPO gives a stunning and unprecedented amount of power to Mark Zuckerberg 

‘Happenings: New York, 1958-1963’: A look at images from an exhibition at Pace Gallery

NY Times on Mike Kelley

Who Gives a Tweet? Carnegie Mellon U study includes "nine lessons for improving tweet content"

And a bonus one this week, because well it made me laugh out loud.

First time watching #Superbowl live on TV in America. It's very..... American.