Weekly Twitter Round-Up

Andy Warhol, Candy Box (1983). Source: warholprints.com
The week's events have unfolded like some kind of surreal dream. Watching the Twitter feeds of rioting in Greece and the chaotic and violent situation shaping up in Syria intermixed with reactions to the death of Whitney Houston and wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day was quite disorienting. Such is the world of new media news and the unruly paths that stories take to get to audiences. Here are some of my favourite tweets from this past week-- let's hope that heart day spreads some momentary peace to us all.

Why don't we teach kids how to use CTRL+F? 

Marshall McLuhan: The World is a Global Village. Predicts the social web in 1960s. Video: 

In case you missed it this week: "The End of Wall Street As They Knew It" 

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