Weekly Twitter Round-Up

Paris vs. New York graphics via a tweet from brainpickings.org

Perfect spring weekend spent enjoying the sunshine, strolling the seawall, catching up on some great books, and dreaming of post-semester summer plans. What could top that? Later tonight, Mad Men premiere! It is amazing what a difference one weekend and an appearance by the sun can make. Enjoy and check out some of favourite tweets from the past week:  

Authorities censor Art Dubai in advance of a visit by members of the emirate’s ruling family

Good old fashioned Saturday morning cartoon

The Stanford Education Experiment Could Change Higher Learning Forever 

Love it, then critique it: 3 subversive Mad Men remixes to ring in Sunday's premiere 

One tweet, 10,000 followers: Dissident artist Ai Weiwei slips, briefly, through China censor 
New Yorkers may enjoy this, a new app highlighting all of the different artwork on display in the subway system

An Avantgardistic Instinct for Relevances: Intellectuals and their Public, Jürgen Habermas