Weekly Twitter Round-Up

What bridges the gulf between art and life more than some latte "painting"? See tweet below
Image courtesy: slate.com

What? Another week done already, and we are into March? Hard to believe, but yes it is true. I spent it much like the one before (lots of midterm grading and meetings with students), but I managed to work in the second of my moderated Philosopher's Cafes, this one addressing the question of whether contemporary art is intrinsically political. A nice group discussion revealed that the answer to that question is highly subjective and must take into account what each individual expects and asks of the art that surrounds them, together with recognizing the cultural capital that knowledge of contemporary art carries. An engaging article that we examined in connection to the broader question can be found here. As for tonight, see if you can manage to find some inspiration and make your own latte painting before sitting down and checking out some of my favourite tweets from around the Twitterverse:

An inspiring example of how artists can direct our attention. A great example of how art can be important

An article decoding the many references to film history in Martin Scorsese's "Hugo" 

how to cite a tweet in an academic paper tho, i'd suggest putting a link to the tweet in there, too

PS We have lots of silent films catalogued here: Including 15 by Charlie Chaplin

Higher education must not become a luxury afforded only to America's elite, says Columbia U. professor

Deepa Mehta's Midnight's Children to debut this fall 

Ah, yes. The art of judging latte art