Weekly Twitter Round-Up

Surrealist cartography of Manhattan by artist Jennifer Maravillas.
Discoverd her projects via Twitter link this week, check it out in my list below.

More than a week without a blog post—I know. Let’s just say that something had to give this month. Publishing deadlines, more grading, administrative duties (along with my regular teaching schedule) have made up the bulk of my days lately and I am looking forward to a bit more time now that I have a number of these items off my to-do list. On a happy note, I was invited to New York to present a paper on new media art by conference organizers of the Critical Themes in Media Studies Conference at the New School. It will be an amazing opportunity to meet other researchers working in the ever-expanding field of new media theory and history. As a result, I now have a trip to NYC in mid-April to look forward to and can check out and report back on a couple of the exhibitions I had suggested at the beginning of the year on my 2012 list (notably #2, #4 and #6). I hear it is already springtime on the East Coast—it cannot come soon enough here. While we wait out here in Vancouver, I wish you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend and invite you to check out some of my favourite tweets from the past week:

Maps have never looked so good - Surrealist Cartography by Jennifer Maravillas 

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Video games enter realm of art in Smithsonian show

The Cinema of Transgression: 16 films made on NYC's Lower East Side in the early 80s: 

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