Weekly Twitter Round-Up

SFMOMA tweeted this "happy little reminder" over the holiday long weekend
 brought to us by art legend Bob Ross. He makes all of us smile no?
Loooong weekend, we needed you-- oh did we ever. Spring has finally arrived in Vancouver and I was happy to enjoy precious time catching up with family and getting out to walk the seawall and sit on a few patios over the past several days. I also put the finishing touches on a conference paper I will be presenting later this week at the New School-- there are few places as amazing at this time of year as New York City, and I have a complete itinerary of exhibitions to check out, so stay tuned for blog posts in the coming weeks. As for the Twitterverse, it was buzzing with news of the passing of artist Thomas Kinkade. If you do not know who he is, I point you to two tweet links below. Let's just say he is controversial in the art history world, even as 1 in 20 Americans own one of his paintings. Many tweets also expressed sadness at the passing of legendary reporter Mike Wallace. I was a huge fan of his journalism and have included a link to his famous interview with Salvador Dali in the late 1950's. Enjoy.

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"Jerry Saltz on Thomas Kinkade, 1958-2012" 

The best piece written about the paintings, prints and commerce of the late Thomas Kinkade, dead at 54

Mike Wallace interviews Salvador Dali, 1958

weiweicam "retrospective"

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