Weekly Twitter Round-Up

I know I am a little late to the party on this, but I couldn't help posting the obvious art historical 
reference to Maggie Sutherland's painting. It was burning up the Twitter feed around Victoria Day weekend!
Left: Sutherland, Emperor Haute Couture (2012)
Right: Manet, Olympia (1863)
What a whirlwind month! The Paris Field School pre-trip classes have been a fantastic experience so far. Teaching in such a condensed way can be a real challenge, but the students have truly stepped up their game to produce critical and well-thought out writing and art projects. With just a week left before we depart for Europe, there is a real excitement building for all the art work and contexts we will experience after intensive study for 3-4 weeks (including Manet's Olympia cited in the above juxtaposition-- you gotta love happy coincidences!). While on hiatus, I did continue keeping an eye on Twitter and here are some favourites I wanted to pass along and share.

P.S. Happy Birthday Brian!! Enjoy the rest of your trip in NYC! See you soon :)

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