New Term, New Beginnings, New Opportunities...

The late August mantra of students the world over.
Ah yes, the new term is almost upon us. Even the weather seems to be signalling the transition to fall. And secretly I know many of you are actually quite excited about the prospects of a fresh new year. I know, I know... many more of you will not really be in the head space of a new term until after the Labour Day long weekend, but I thought I would reemerge from my own self-imposed blogging hiatus to begin the transition into the reality of the 2012-2013 academic year. Over the next week, I will begin  a series of posts that will catch up with some of what I was up to this summer, along with some topics students have requested I write about ahead of the new term. I am also happy to start up the weekly Twitter round-up again that so many of you seem to enjoy-- I had more than a few emails asking what had happened to them (and from people I know actually dislike Twitter!). While I wait along with you for school to begin, here is a quick snapshot of some of the posts I am working on for the coming weeks:

  • An overview of the best of Documenta and many highlights from the Paris Field School's visit to Kassel (we could have stayed another week!)
  • An academic survival kit for the first few weeks of class-- you will certainly be needing one with all of the information being thrown your way in a new term of classes.
  • A post related to the anxiety inducing topic: "So Your Thinking About Grad School?" and a no-holds barred response that I often give to those who ask me my advice on the matter.
  • A post highlighting some of the cultural events, festivals, exhibitions coming our way this fall.
  • Catching up with some of the controversies that erupted in the art world over the summer.
  • Information about the new field school planned through Kwantlen Polytechnic University for New York and the Venice Biennale in Summer 2013 (start planning early!)  
  • An overview and tour of the revamped blog and where to find the stuff you are looking for if you are either registered in one of my classes and/or looking for past resources.