Weekly Twitter Round-Up (Back at Long Last!)

My inbox these past few weeks has been FULL!
Meet my assistant, budding art historian and my new kitten Banksy (yes, he is quite a bad-ass)
Perhaps it is because the summer weather is still with us, or more likely the avalanche of responsibilities, appointments, meetings and events accompanying the beginning of term, that I have delayed blogging as long as I have this term. For whatever the reasons, this past few weeks has been especially busy and full of unexpected time drains. Finally, with the weekend drawing to a close and some much needed rest, patio sunshine, and down-time accumulated, I am happy to share some favourite tweets from this past several weeks. Normally, I attempt to share items from just the past seven days, but I have reached back a bit with a few of these selections as I get back into a more regular routine of checking Twitter. Much of the buzz on my feed the past week has dealt with a range of news from the Toronto Film Festival, the last days of Documenta, and New York Fashion Week, to the renewal of the Occupy Movement, ongoing American election news, and of course all the buzz surrounding the iPhone 5 launch (a long time RIM fan, I finally decided this weekend to pull the plug on my Blackberry and try out the new iPhone and iPad and test the Apple waters-- it is a bittersweet decision, but I have grown tired waiting for the launch of BB10). I trust the next week will bring a bit more calm-- grab a cup of coffee and enjoy these links:

What the era of phone photography means for the evolution of visual culture and how it all began: http://j.mp/zHi4IS 

great piece on the depthlessness of "innovation" rhetoric funny how we look for edgy ideas from the centers of society

Video: 'Silver Linings Playbook' named Toronto film fest fave  #TIFF12

Is Bansky's javelin the most iconic image of these Olympics?

Marcel Duchamp "The Creative Act" (1957), read by the author, 7 mins. 17 secs [MP3 link]: 

= conceptualism in the wild: actors read Yelp reviews

nice infographic about social media: software studies initiative