Weekly Twitter Round-Up

If only I had the time to devote to this Halloween costume prep....
Watch the step by step instructions below in the tutorial by YouTube user goldiestarling 
I suppose it is time to start making admissions about the serious lack of time I have had to devote to my blog. I hate it when I read this kind of thing on other blogs I regularly frequent, so I will spare you the "dog ate my homework" excuses and simply state that I have over-reached and underestimated my time commitments since the beginning of term. I was told by other veteran bloggers that this would happen about year two of the blog-- something like the seven-year itch for marriages-- and it seems to have actually transpired. Still, like I tell so many of my students who have fallen behind on their assignments and personal projects, just get back to it. And so I am.... here are a selection of favourite tweets for my round-up from the past week. I look forward to writing more in the coming weeks (I have lots of ideas floating out there needing a home) and getting back into the routine of a more consistent blog. Stay tuned. 

“If you enjoy it, you understand it.” Gertrude Stein on understanding and meaning in rare 1934 interview 

Exhibit presses the newspaper into artistic service 

The facade of this building looks like it's folded like an accordion

Gerhard Richter painting owned by guitarist Eric Clapton sells for record $34.2m at Sotheby's, London last night 

One is not enough: Why creative people need multiple outlets

Do artists do research? How is research taught in PhD programs for artists? Here's my best effort to summarize... 

Fluxus Audio Anthology, originally consisting of eight cassettes, recorded between 1962-92 [MP3]: