Weekly Twitter|YouTube Round Up

Ai Weiwei goes Gangnam style to the delight of audiences worldwide
(see tweet and YouTube video below)
Another week done and we find ourselves over the midterm hump and ready to dive into the meaty part of the fall semester. I have been doing a lot of marking and evaluating this weekend along with enjoying the best of the Halloween season (i.e. scary movies and treats). Take a quick break and enjoy some of my picks from around the Twitterverse. As a new feature, I've also decided to add some of my favourites from around YouTube land into the weekly mix-- now that there are so many more art-related videos popping up on my subscription feeds, I want to pass along some worthy picks to compliment the Twitter links. Enjoy and have a safe and Happy Halloween this week! 

Garage (Art) Sale: Martha Rosler to fill the @MuseumModernArt with 12,000 donated objects to sell for charity

New film technology may be the death of Vancouver theatres

Art exhibit in Seattle replaced all work by male artists with work solely by female artists for new exhibition 

100 ideas that changed art 

I would just like to point out that @metmuseum has put hundreds of PDFs of out of print art books online. #gratis

UbuWeb has just added over 150 films

Ai Weiwei goes 'Gangnam Style' in video tribute to Psy