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Research Paper Citation Style Guides and Resources:

MLA (Modern Language Association) Guide
MLA Citation Generator
Chicago Style Guide
Chicago Style Generator
What is Plagiarism?
ESL (English as a Second Language) Guidelines
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
Online Dictionary and Thesaurus

General Websites|Archives|Dictionaries|Timelines
Resources for Undergraduate Students:

Art History: A Preliminary Handbook (Dr. Robert Belton)

Graduate and Postgraduate Student Resources:

Academic Jobs (Art History) Wiki

Art|Film|Photography|Visual Culture & Media
Professional Associations of Interest:

Association of Art Historians
Association of Historians of Nineteenth Century Art
College Art Association
Cultural Studies Association
European Network for Avant-Garde/Modernism Studies
Film and History
International Digital Media and Arts Association
Modern Language Association
Modernist Studies Association
Society of Architectural Historians
Society for the History of Technology
Universities Art Association of Canada

Google Scholar