Directors Defending their Craft: CBC RetroBites

I love watching interviews with filmmakers, especially directors, since so many of them reveal that distinct discomfort that comes with changing their usual role as "picture maker" and becoming the object of the camera's attention. Luckily for us, the CBC has compiled a fascinating series of videos on YouTube called RetroBites which features an archival treasure trove of past interviews with famous individuals from the world of art and film.

CBC RetroBites is a fascinating glimpse into
the Canadian broadcaster's interview archives
I have chosen three of my favourite CBC RetroBites interviews with filmmakers to highlight for this post: 1) Orson Welles defending against the claim of superficiality in his later films; 2) Leni Riefenstahl defending her position working under Hitler; and 3) David Cronenberg discussing a controversial casting decision. I have juxtaposed each interview clip with a relevant scene/trailer from each of the individual director's body of work. Watch and enjoy how these famous directors defend their craft.

Orson Welles CBC Interview (1965) and film clip from The Trial (1962)

Leni Riefenstahl CBC Interview (1965) and film clip from Olympia (1938)

David Cronenberg CBC Interview (1979) and trailer from Rabid (1977)

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