Weekly Twitter Round Up| Click and Muse

Marking, marking, marking, marking (did I mention I was marking?). It is midterm time again and the Vancouver rains have indeed arrived as if on cue. The Twitterverse however has continued to buzz all week long providing a much needed diversion. Grab a cup of coffee and check out a few of my favourites, and if you get a chance, take the "Click and Muse" poll (look to the right of your screen, click on the image for some context and then vote and see if others agree with you) concerning the YouTube Play Biennial co-sponsored by the Guggenheim Museum. The last poll concerning Banksy's opening sequence for the Simpsons was almost unanimous with 90% considering it Pop art and loving it!

Where Art Meets Trash And Transforms Life: The photographer Vik Muniz and his 2008 “Pictures of Garbage,”
More than 100 Brillo boxes by Andy Warhol have been declared “copies” by Warhol Authentication Board
My answers to this week's Twitter Q&A are here 
Ubu's first new content since the hack. Marina Abramoviç "Dangerous Games" color, 3 min. 34 sec. (2008):

We are not just Art for Michelangelo to carve, he can't rewrite the agro of my furied heart
Doug Coupland to design Terry Fox memorial 

Art World Relieved As Thieves Steal Pretty Terrible Late Period Renoir Work
For Sale: Successful Ivy League applications—only $19.99. Transparent? Or revolting?