Weekly Twitter Round Up

What did you do with your extra hour today? I picked up a Gingerbread latte (too soon for Christmas I know, but who can resist? Go low-fat, no whip to save some calories) and headed out for a quick stroll along the ocean to enjoy the colours of fall before heading back to work. It is one week into November and about half way through the semester. Ideas are synthesizing, concepts are coming together, and hopefully deadlines will be met. Stop, pause, and enjoy a few of my favourites from around the Twitterverse from the past week.

PHOTOS: 17 Totally Bizarre Statues Around The World

Is history getting more photogenic?

"Do colleges really need 30,000 applications to find 1,500 great students?"

RT @frieze_magazine: Is it possible to sell out in 2010? Nice piece from the Village Voice from a few weeks back

Banksy vs Bristol Museum YouTube clip

What is dOCUMENTA (13) about?

'I'm interested in how sound can define space' Turner Prize nominee Susan Philipsz talks about her work