Weekly Twitter Round Up

I finally invigilated my last exam yesterday and have settled in for an intensive period of marking. I keep telling myself that by this time next week it will all be over….. Thankfully, however, I have had the pleasure of working with some very creative and passionate students this term, so I am very much looking forward to what I am settling in to read and evaluate. A large pile of wonderful books I acquired in NYC are sitting at the corner of my desk waiting for me, so I have no time to waste. To those of you still writing exams, hang in there, it is almost over! And oh yes, for those of us tuning into the Stanley Cup Playoffs this afternoon, GO CANUCKS GO!  For procrastinators or those lucky enough not to worry about exams, here are a few of favourites from around the Twitterverse:  

A frightening new piece of performance art is coming to Times Square in May. Check it out here: 

On our radar: books you should know about some of which haven't hit stores yet 

Google Wants to Teach Computers Regret 

Awesome new Banksy piece at the MOCA. Called Stained Window, it's made with the help of students from L.A.

Roland Barthes - Mythologies [1957] (complete, PDF) 

The premise of the movie Limitless is that your brain becomes the internet, with all the attendant problems

Fear eating the soul of the Chinese Government: Release Ai Weiwei now