Weekly Twitter Round Up

The final week of the 2010/2011 academic term and something had to give… this week it was my blog. When I first started posting back in early September, I wondered how well I could balance my desire to maintain a conversation in the blogosphere along with my duties as a professor, and this final month of classes and the mountain of final evaluations, marking, and assorted meetings and openings tested all of those limits. Thankfully I will be back to my own schedule with this term now completed and my marks almost done, and I will look forward to a more regularized posting schedule. The Twitterverse of course never sleeps, so I invite you to kick up your heals, grab a chocolate Easter bunny, and check out some of my favourites (and yes, I continue to believe in my Vancouver Canucks for those who have been asking, lol).

Controversial work “Piss Christ” by American artist Andres Serrano was destroyed today at a museum in Avignon, France 

Can you name the most popular camera on Flickr? Hint: It won't be a DSLR 

"We can perhaps bet on art to win over tyrants" - Salman Rushdie's op-ed on Ai Weiwei 

Hilarious Spoof...Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right-Revisited

Lecturer's arrest in the United Arab Emirates stirs debate over academic freedom and branch campuses

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“100 Notes – 100 Thoughts.”