Weekly Twitter Round Up (and my 1000th Tweet)

Modern Christmas Tree = want! Check out tweet below for more inspired looks.
Another hectic week as we march towards the final classes of the semester. Sadly, my blogging has suffered the past month or so, but something had to give with all of the various events and obligations this time of the year brings. Even so, I was glad that many of you noticed the Paris/Documenta 2012 trip information I posted earlier this week-- I am thrilled to see a number of you signing up already and very excited with all of the potential for critical engagement and hands-on learning a trip like this can offer all the way around. As for Twitter, tonight's tweet of this blog post will mark my 1000th since joining Twitter last year (!). I don't know what can be made of this number, but I do know that my time gathering and sharing info on this social network has flown by! Enjoy a taste of this week's offerings:

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Looking for a modern Christmas tree? Look no further