Weekly Twitter Round Up

Warhol shopping for Campbell's soup-- how meta.
Source: Flavorpill's twit pic of the day
A quiet and mostly uneventful weekend for me (at last!). I got a chance to catch up on my film-going and caught both Roman Polanski's wickedly clever Carnage, which I absolutely loved (especially as someone without kids who marvels at the inner-workings of parental subcultures) and Martin Scorsese's much hyped, but very entertaining love letter to early film, Hugo. After The Artist cleaned up at the Globes and is, by all accounts, set to do the same at the Oscars, I am quite struck by how early cinema history is really having a moment in the popular culture. It is fantastic since it helps me raise new discussion with two courses I am teaching this term which have sections related to early film history. I plan to post on this phenomena later in the week. As for Twitter, it was full tilt all week with lots of commentary about both the Globes (I thought they had Ricky Gervais pretty reigned in, no?) and the blackout day to protest SOPA. Take a break, grab a cup of coffee, and check out some of my favourite tweets from this past week:

Learning from Vuitton and With a Little Help From Facebook, Hong Kong Designer Launches a Sell-Out Line

A brief history of personal computing, 1975-2011, in 28 animated seconds

'The Artist' is silent?! Clueless moviegoers demand refund from theater

The best Twitter responses to #SOPA as seen on @herpderpedia:

Eastman Kodak files for bankruptcy. Guardian has its history...in pictures

Ridley Scott teams up with@YouTube for Your Film Festival - a competition to find the best 15-minute video storyteller

How to Fail as an Artist