Weekly Twitter Round Up (very LATE edition)

A meta-hommage to Duchamp-- celebrating so many levels of media and performance!
Courtesy of a tweet via one of my favourite websites, Brain Pickings

Yes, this post is now waaaaay late, but better this post be late than the mammoth grant application I was slaving away on for the better part of the last week (well actually all of the last few months). Somehow all of my plans to gradually put the parts of it together over a longer stretch of time failed and I found myself sitting for twelve hour stretches over the past week to edit and re-edit and perfect the paperwork (any of you graduate students and academics in Canada know the particular challenges of writing that perfect SSHRC app!). All is now finally calming down and I am happy to share some great tweets from the past week. Ironically enough, I almost missed the Twitter blackout all together since I was so removed from my social media networks. Not so sure it was very successful anyways. With any luck, I should FINALLY get back to some regular blogging this week—I have some great items to share and muse over.

Do I Have to Finish My Dissertation? 

Almost certainly the best review of what may be the Best Picture: Geoffrey O’Brien on ‘The Tree of Life’  

How Twitter users have responded to @Twitter's new system for withholding tweets  #twitterblackout

Are traditional colleges ready for the emerging forces disrupting higher education? 

Inside Apple's hidden factories, finally. #labor #economicJustice

Bjarke Ingels builds community by infusing humor and hedonism into sustainable spaces: 

Is scent considered new media art?