Focus on Tech: Organize To-Do Lists with Conqu

Conqu is available and syncs across across all major software platforms.
Earlier this year I wrote a series of blog posts describing some of the software I was incorporating into my daily routine (including Evernote, Prezi, and Pinterest) to move to a more "paperless" work flow. Now that I have had a few months to experiment, I am finding that the transition has been far less difficult than anticipated. Still, of all my paper habits, the toughest to adopt to a paperless mode has been my ever-present "To-Do" list. In the past, this list was established as part of my weekly agenda/journal. For years, I purchased a yearly agenda with a "week at a glance" format and I affixed those larger sized yellow lined post-it notes to create lists of tasks that had to be completed on a daily and weekly basis. Every few days I would move uncompleted tasks to a new post-it and keep a running track of the list by moving it between my paper agenda and a small notebook that I would carry between home and work. This routine, which I adopted in the final years of my undergraduate degree, had served me very well and I did not know if I would be able to adopt this habit in a paperless form.

Conqu essentially takes something like this and makes it manageable
After trying out a number of applications, I have finally found one outstanding program that has met all of my needs in the to-do list department-- enter Conqu. I first began using Conqu when I downloaded the free app to my tablet and began playing around with its very basic and easy-to-use features. What immediately set Conqu apart from other task organizers I have tried is its elegant design and very straight-forward and intuitive approach to how we actually construct, edit, and rearrange lists. As the demo video below explains, the program allows users to create tasks and then set various features such as due dates, priority status, and relation to other tasks in a few simple moves. You can also correlate tasks into larger projects and tag them into groups (i.e. I use blue tags for work tasks and green tags for personal tasks). There is also a feature that allows you to put ideas/tasks on the "Backburner" for future assignment. I love this feature for when an idea pops into my mind of something I have to get done but I do not yet know when to assign a timeline to it.

Once you have played around with Conqu for a while (it can be downloaded to Apple, Android, Blackberry and PC/Mac devices), you can purchase the option to sync your tasks across all of your devices. This was where I really saw the power of this program. For example, I can manage and tick-off to-do items while on the go say on my tablet and then know when I go to work or come home and open my computer, that change will immediately be reflected when I check the program. Used in connection with Google Calendar, Conqu allows me to keep an updated schedule and list of tasks wherever I go. Try it out and see for yourself, especially if you are like me and feel lost without your lists!

P.S. I do still carry one small Moleskine notebook with me for quick scribbles and brainstorms on the fly, but I am essentially organizing and syncing all of my daily activities/lists/notes via my phone, tablet, and home/office computers.