Weekly Twitter Round-Up

Artist Douglas Coupland tweeted a link to this picture writing "Possibly the
cheesiest copyright violation in Canadian history...and the most clueless!"
“April is the cruelest month” wrote T.S. Eliot in The Waste Land, and he sure wasn’t kidding. It seems that every student and faculty member I have encountered this past week (including myself I might add) has been lamenting the avalanche of deadlines, final projects, marking and exams that are on the horizon this month. It is the same each year, yet somehow the end of term always brings this feeling of surprise, like it arrived far too quickly or definitively than normal. In any case, the Twitterverse has been steady with lots of political discussion on both sides of the border. Springtime, as always, seems to bring renewed energy to a number of debates that go into a quiet hibernation over wintertime. Here are some favourite tweets to stir the passions:

Allan Kaprow's 1968 LP, "How To Make A Happening" (Something Else Press, 24'43") [MP3]:

A New Vision of the Public University, Michael Burawoy

Art in the Era of the Internet/ via @thetyee Part of PBS's series on how the web changes the way we share culture

But amidst all this dire news... the daffodils are in bloom. Cheerful. One step at a time... (course I almost fell over in the garden.)

Banksy has released a provocative advertising manifesto

The Hunger Games. Emory prof discusses how & why we enjoy the spectacle of violence

April Fool's Day: The museum is real but the paintings are not!